Some carbohydrates that are good for your health.

Are Low-Carb Diets Bad For Health?

Reducing carbohydrates is getting more and more popular, but are low-carb diets bad for health? Adopting such a diet is not the way to go if you are looking to improve your health. This doesn’t mean that all food containing carbs is good for your well-being. You can imagine that stuffing yourself with snacks won’t do any good to your health, without mentioning your weight. In fact, some are primordial to maintain a good balance. We can find them in some vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains just to name a few categories. Good carbs are certainly already in your diet unless you didn’t hear about bananas and potatoes. We qualify them as good because they help decrease the effect of aging and protect against disease, among others.

In recent years, low-carb diets have grown in popularity and have shown promising results for weight loss. However, this practice is dangerously heading towards a zero-carb diet that was proven to seriously increase the risk of death. The prestigious scientific review, The Lancet, recently published a large-scale study from S.Seidelmann, researcher in medicine, that exposes the negative impact of a lack of carbohydrates on health.

For a healthy organism it is necessary to find a balance between proteins, lipids and carbs, but never remove one of them. Even when facing serious risk of disease due to obesity, specialists would not recommend excluding carbohydrates from your diet. Some reasons.

Dietary deficiencies

Removing carbs can be far more serious as it seems. Indeed going without them indirectly leads to a decrease in other main nutrients such as fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to name a few. The problem is that some of them may be difficult to find in other aliments. And it is well known that dietary deficiencies harm your health and well-being. Higher risk of developing serious disease by weakening your immune system and mental health.

Digestive problems

Carbs are not only crucial for your overall health, they are also associated with other nutrients, dietary fibers. These latter can only be found in food composed of carbs and play a major role in the digestive process. Fibers reduce the risk of developing disease and prevent from an obvious lack of comfort.

First time effects

Your brain is not designed and used to operate in a environment without carbs. When you try such a diet for the first time, you may experience some complications. Depending on your system you may face headaches, muscle pain, dizziness, nausea and an overall bad mood.

Motivation difficulties

All along your diet you will have to cope with temptation. It will not leave you quiet during the first weeks or months and you will probably give in at some point. We are human after all. But some of you will see this as a failure and will feel guilty and anxious. This anxiety may follow you all day and everyday leading to a depression, synonym of less well-being and health.

To conclude, are low-carb diets bad for health? Following such a diet can help you achieve your goals in terms of weight but will never improve your health. We are not saying to totally exclude this type of diet, they have shown to help losing weight fast. But reducing carbs in your nutrition for more than a few weeks can really damage your mind and your body. Remember that to look good you have to feel good and there is no better feeling than being healthy.

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